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Carnatic Fusion - by Hamsadhwani Fusion Band

Raghuvamsha Sudha - by Hamsadhwani Fusion band

Nagumomu Ganaleni - by Hamsadhwani 

Bhimpalas Medley - by Hamsadhwani Band

Roja Janeman / Kadhal Rojave - by Hamsadhwani

Heaven Breaks Loose - by Hamsadhwani

Heaven Breaks Loose - By Hamsadhawni Band

Carnatic Classical - Trivenisangama

Tulasi Dalamulache - by Trivenisangama

Magudi - by Trivenisangama

Bhagyadha Lakshmi - by Trivenisangama

Vathapi - by Trivenisangama

Samaja Vara Gamana - by Trivenisangama

Nagumomu Ganaleni - by Trivenisangama

Filmy Section - Sriharsha

Titanic "My Heart Will Go On" - Flute Solo

Hero Theme - Flute Solo

Tu hi Re / Uyire - Flute Solo

Roja Janeman - Flute Solo

Tum Hi Ho - Aashiqui 2 - Flute Cover 

Roja Janeman/Kadhal Rojave (Tribute to A.R. Rahman) - Flute Cover

Carnatic Flute Lessons

Basic Carnatic Flute Lesson - Fingering Chart for Beginners

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